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Why YOU are an integral part of your brand
Aug 2011 30

I was asked recently to post a blog about how I attract new customers. I confess I wasn’t sure how to answer until last night.

Yesterday I supposedly took an afternoon and evening off in order to have a meal and some drinks with family and friends. It started off well and I began to unwind from a busy week in good company enjoying a few laughs along the way.

Well of course predictably by the end of the evening I had received a panicked email from a client needing an urgent advert designing, was cornered in the pub toilets to be quizzed about family portraits AND I had spoken to numerous people who wanted to talk to me about my design business.

I was amazed how many people were approaching me, volunteering make recommendations on my behalf and how keen they were to help me promote my business through their contacts.

Then it struck me….We all know that businesses take time to build a good reputation, but we can trade as freelancers on our own reputation as a person and inevitably as a brand in our own right. I can’t compete with large agencies on glitzy conference rooms and bluechip portfolios, and I can’t afford large advertising campaigns to promote my brand, but I can compete on personality.

You see I am a pretty sociable kinda gal and I am assured pretty aimable. I know a vast amount of people in my community but up until recently I have been only recognised for my hobbies and social skills rather than my design capabilities. However I can be assured that those characteristics are now hand in hand with my professional abilities and I am therefore succeeding on getting my message out there to my peers and potential clients.

Of course that may result in total downtime being a thing of the past…. but it also means that no time is wasted time….so get out there, be sociable, promote your own brand and have fun!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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