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Aug 2011 30

I am lucky enough to have received design commissions from all over the world including Bali, Dubai, France and now Spain. This latest commission was I admit a bit of a challenge.

You see, sometimes the role of  a designer is less creative than you may think and instead more intuitive. With only virtual communication available it is imperative that briefs are accurately exchanged and the limited lines of communication are kept as wide open as possible.

This project was a particularly “technical” brief rather than a creative exploration. The client had very clear views about what their logo should portray and more importantly what it shouldn’t.

Being a specialist Deep Sea Diving School it was made clear that symbolism was limited and had to be very specific to their target market. After much discussion and a few draft logos, finally the example you see before you was born. Now the symbolism may be lost on you if you aren’t a deep sea diving enthusiast…but I am assured that the ex-military technical diving fraternity that the company is aiming their sights on will be impressed and seduced by the mix of messages the logo conveys.

None of this would have been achieved without great communication between my client and myself. I couldn’t possibly research the technicalities of the kit these guys use, or completely understand the vast differences between scuba diving and deep sea diving if my client hadn’t given me an accurate and passionate insight into their field of expertise.

I can’t help but wonder if the virtual communication actually helped rather than hindered in this case, providing clear, concise communication without distraction to lead to an effective and satisfactory end result.

I am assured my client thinks so!

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