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The life of a designer can be a strange one sometimes
Aug 2011 16

Having been asked to embark on a new logo design for friend Scot Baston over at Zooming Feet, I was left initially with a very open brief which is often a designer’s nightmare.
You see, often a client will actually have little idea about which direction they would like their branding to take or indeed how they want to be portrayed by the world and potential future customer. It’s my job to get inside my client’s head, advise on and interpret their vision, however vague that initial concept is and commissions don’t get any more inside someone’s head than this one.

Now some may think this ought to be easier with a friend you know well…..hmm sometimes yes and sometimes it makes it harder. A friend will often be more relaxed in their approach, leaving much more of the conceptual design up to you and being less forthright in expressing their business plan and ethos. In this case the brief was pretty open with Scot only really stating that he didn’t like lines and boundaries in logos.
So open license for me to be a little more creative in approach.
Now there is nothing easy about designing a logo in my opinion. It’s a huge weight of responsibility as you potentially hold the success or failure of a business in your hands. Sure there are rules of design, just as there are rules in Scot’s industry of photography. But just as Scot will sometimes break those rules in order to be original and creative, so must I.
First off I started to think of typography. Scot is an adventurous guy and I wanted to reflect that aspect of his character in the typography of his logo. So I opted for a grunge font that is youthful and expressive. A touch braver than a more traditional sans serif.

Next up some symbolism.

Scot is primarily a landscape photographer based by the coast and I wanted to conjure that outdoors feeling with his symbolism and capture his free spirit. I introduced some rugged walking boot tracks to give a sense of outdoor intrepid adventure.
Then we hit a bit of a stumble tying that into something recognisable as photographic. Something just wasn’t coming together.
This is where the project really took a trip inside the brain of Scot Baston as the next day I received excited messages from my client saying that he had seen a vision in his dream… epiphany if you like.
The vision was of simple wavy lines, sky meeting sea, but there the idea had pretty much ended. So my task…..visualise that dream myself and incorporate that into a logo that would capture the essence of Scot’s passion for his art.
I gathered Scot’s fledgling concept, combined it with my own and created a landscape photo scene and a logo that I am happy to report the client loves and believes sums up his character perfectly.

Now I am very aware that this logo may not have universal appeal. Some designers may scoff at the font choice, preferring only to use helvetica for everything. Some may think it’s just too colourful to be iconic and practical.

Personally I think it is an expressive logo that captures the essence of my client……an adventurous open heart, who has now also proved he has true creativity and an open mind, making this commission a really pleasurable adventure……..which is only just beginning!

Scot’s blog can be found here

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