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Importance of a long term branding strategy
Feb 2014 27

On many occasions as a designer I am asked to work alongside new business start ups and am always keen to stress to them the importance of a long term branding strategy.

I am not here to criticise cash strapped entrepreneurs as I know full well how hard it is to start a business with little or no capital to invest. It’s an understandable and natural temptation to get up and running in the cheapest way possible. My professional advice to anyone wanting to start a business is just to pause and consider future obstacles.

There are a glut of online design/printing companies out there offering attractive deals and we have all seen the commercials with actors claiming to have received an affordable and affective branding solution. Whilst they may be offering attractive printing deals, few clients purchase a unique design that encapsulates the ethos of their business, instead opting for a free template design. This is NOT a branding solution.

A long term branding strategy considers the industry in which the new business sits, the ethos of the business as well as the long term marketing requirements of the client.

In previous blogs I have stressed how crucial it is to maintain a consistent brand. The only way to achieve this is to employ a professional to produce a conceptual identity that can be applied to an unlimited marketing products, therefore providing a long term branding strategy.

All too often SME’s consider a strong ‘brand’ as something unnecessary to their small business. But consider this….if you personally had no identity, how would you connect with the world around you and make your mark? Your business is no different and a quick, inexpensive fix to get your business off the ground could prove costly in the long term in numerous ways.

Consider when your business grows and you wish to expand with a website, a corporate brochure or even vehicle livery. It’s very likely that your original template graphics will be unobtainable and the bullet will have to be bitten with new graphics being designed for those projects. Worse still, different designers from each industry will be employed for each individual project and the result is an inconsistent identity for your business and therefore a weak brand.

So my advice for new business start-ups is to prioritise your company identity right from day one. Take the time and invest a few quid into a well considered, bespoke design.

After all it’s the first thing people see and you have to live with it for a very long time!

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