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Edinburgh Fringe Festival Promotion Design
Nov 2011 29

This summer brought forward a call from hugely talented Tiverton comedian Scott Adams. Having toured the North London Comedy Circuit he had returned to Devon to prepare material for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Show he is sharing with fellow comedian, Anastasia Travers.
This brand new show needed promoting amongst fierce competition in Scotland. Scott asked me to firstly shoot some promo images for his profile and then to design the promotional material for him and his co-performer.

The concept of Murder, Madness and Mayhem is very much about the comedians being on the road and in situations of stark contrast to their familiar surroundings, with Anastasia making the trip from the US and Scott preparing in a laid back to the point of backward, part of the Westcountry.

Scot Adams Comedian Promotional Photoshoot

Of course I relished the prospect and a location was quickly found for the shoot. Sadly the weather wasn’t all that inspiring so off camera flash was utilised within a softbox in order to punch Scott out from his background and add a bit more drama to the scene.
Now you may say

that young Scott doesn’t smile much for a comedian, but I can asure you his show is very funny, even if he does have a somewhat black and ironic outlook on some of us Devonians!

Designs agreed and photographs chosen, A5 flyers and A3 posters were printed using one of my regular lithographic printers and despatched direct to the Edinburgh venue for distribution in plenty of time for the show to begin.

I am assured their Fringe Show was a great success and I truly hope

it leads to even bigger and better shows in the future.
Scott can be followed on Twitter: and Anastasia can be found on Facebook:

Scot Adams Comedian Promotional Photoshoot

Scot Adams Comedian Promotional Photoshoot

Scot Adams Comedian Promotional PhotoshootScot Adams Comedian Promotional Photoshoot

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