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DIY…do you?
Aug 2011 30

It seems we live in a DIY society these days…it started with decorating and DIY mechanics, bringing about the rise of brands such as Homebase and the good old Haynes Manuals, but whether you consider yourself handy with a hammer or not, we are ALL guilty of this trend in one way or another, more so than ever in challenging economic times. The combination of an inquisitive mind and the desire to save a few bob leads us into temptation to have a crack at tasks ourselves that we are not qualified to attempt.

I have heard and taken part in many conversations with people from all industries on this subject and the topic arose again this week whilst attending Focus On Imaging Expo at the NEC so I felt inspired to blog on the subject.

I don’t believe for one moment that anyone out there in internet land hasn’t attempted to hang wallpaper, construct a wardrobe, design their own promotional material, taken their own photographs for their website or attempted to repair a mechanical fault in their engine. So if that is the case, we can either scoff the inquisitive mind that wants to apply themselves and attempt to learn something new…..or we can embrace the human condition that we all share and provide help, knowledge and support where we can.

Whilst at Focus I watched a seminar which was demonstrating the new features Photoshop CS5 to create a page layout. I watched and as I listened it struck me that what the speaker was demonstrating had started really getting under my skin and annoying me. Yes, these new features open up a world of possibility for Photoshop users, but Photoshop is just one tool in a very powerful toolbox and it is not designed to be used for complete layouts, for very good reason, that’s the job of InDesign.

I took a good long look around at the hypnotised crowd hanging on the words of the speaker and it was pretty obvious to me that the most interested participants were likely to be DIYers with little or no clue why it is important NOT to create whole projects within Photoshop in this manner. Which leads me onto my point.

If you wish to embark on a DIY project of any kind, do your homework, ask for help, take the advice of experts and make absolutely sure you are using the right tool for the job, be it InDesign or Photoshop, a spanner or a paintbrush….making the wrong choice could bring catastrophic errors and a even more expensive repair job than you were trying to avoid.

I used to work with a manager whose catchphrase was “If I told you what I know, then you would know as much as me”. I don’t subscribe to that ethos. I love to learn and I equally love helping others to learn from me. I always happy to help people make the right design choices, that way there can only be a successful outcome.

Safe DIYing and happy learning 🙂

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