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Assume a Positive Marketing Stance
Mar 2012 20

We are pretty fickel beings when it comes to making our purchasing decisions and we are influenced all the time by a monumental amount of marketing ploys. We all like to think that we can rise above the hype and remain impartial, but let’s get real, if we were immune then there would be no product placement, no catchy theme tunes and Cheryl Cole wouldn’t be endorsing beauty products!

The truth of the matter is that no matter on the size of your business, you will be judged on so many levels by potential clients. It’s simply not enough in competitive times to rely on the quality of your work to bring in new business. Sure a good reputation will bring in referrals but a positive marketing strategy will raise your profile beyond the word of mouth catchment and attract attention often from unexpected sources.

So what is a positive marketing strategy? Well have no fear, I am not talking about huge advertising campaigns, we all know they aren’t accessible to most of us with limited budgets.

Positive marketing is about much much more than TV adverts and huge poster campaigns, it’s about how we portray our professionalism and there are a number of ways we can approach this and successfully raise our profile.

Great branding is your designer label.

Your logo and branding is an effective way of conveying your professionalism and business ethos. It can quickly communicate your field of expertise, visually identify you from the competition and poor branding can be catastrophic to your business potential.

It is your outer layer, your designer outfit and like it or not….you will be judged on it.

Don’t change with the British weather…be consistent.

Once you have your new branding it is crucial that you use it consistently. No matter if you the CEO of O2 or a self employed plumber, maintaining a recognisable familiar appearance is vital. Ensure each means of communication matches at every stage from advert and business card, through to vehicle livery and invoicing….recognition is everything.
We may all dislike the “Go Compare” advertising campaign…but I bet as you read this you can hum the theme tune to the television advert!

Ok, so I wouldn’t personally recommend the annoyance placement tactic, but it does prove that getting inside people’s psychology is immensely important in effective branding and the best way smaller companies can do this is by being disciplined and consistent.

Slip Slap Slop!

No I haven’t gone sun tan lotion obsessed over the first signs of spring!,…but the next stage is to slip your branded promotional material into your bag, slop on your nice new branded workwear and slap on a smile.

Positive marketing is just that…so “be positive”. Show existing and potential clients alike just how much you enjoy your work…AND how satisfying providing excellence is to you. This is YOUR business, it does matter to you so don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops and take it personally.

Leave negativity to East Enders, it’s great for their storylines but it won’t help you reach a happy ever after. The people around you should only ever hear good things about your business. The proverb“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” may be true in many areas of life, but words travel and can be damaging to the reputation you have worked so hard to build up.

So take a lesson from the political spin doctors….ensure there is a positive buzz around your business and people will be naturally interested and drawn to you.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can raise the profile of your company, then please do get in touch. No matter what the budget I can help you to take positive steps towards greater success.

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  1. Gemma says:

    I completely agree, this is what our lecturers at Somerset have been saying, if you have strong branding that is memorable then you’re more likely to make an impression.

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