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A Design Duo | Part One
Mar 2012 21

Recently I was approached by a fellow photographer and friend Dominic Dorey with an interesting prospect….not one branding challenge…but two!

He and his wife were looking to expand on their respective talents and create two new businesses both of which being targeted at the wedding industry but with very different briefs.

Picture Passions being the first of the challenges with a simple brief that was very open to my interpretation. Dominic had hit somewhat of a brick wall when deciding on how to represent his style as a male wedding photographer and he expressed concerns about appealing to a predominantly feminine market.

His photography and his manner certainly wasn’t a problem but merely how to graphically convey his relaxed persona and overcome any potential gendre barrier between him and potential clients.

So with a “relaxed approach” and the name “Picture Passions” pretty much all I had to go on I set about creating a logo and brand solution that I hoped would appeal to Dominic and more importantly his target audience.

I knew that I had to incorporate a graphic that tied in with the Picture Passions name but was very aware of making the logo too girlie for a male photographer…so my conundrum began and a compromise had to be found.

A heart shape was an obvious choice to me…it worked with both the company name and the photography genre but a simple heart wasn’t enough. It’s such a well used icon, I wanted something more intricate…something too simple would not be unique enough and I still have to keep in mind I was working for a male client. So I macho’d up the heart a little by introducing a bit of brushed aluminium texture. This worked on two levels for me because not only did it make the logo a little less feminine, it at the same time gave the heart the appearance of a locket. This gives the symbol a double meaning….lockets contain a cherished photograph..the symbolism was perfect for wedding photography.

So now to introduce some intricacy…I incorporated a delicate pattern onto the heart giving the impression of engraving, making the locket more precious and unique…as every wedding is to the bride and groom.

Next came colours and fonts….again the same conundrum…not too girlie..not too masculine. I opted for a pagan purple (am not sure what vicars at future weddings would think of that choice!) but it’s relatively gendre neutral yet contains the warmth that I was looking for to accompany the love/passion element.

So happy with my pagan choice I moved forward to choosing a typeface to compliment and reinforce the message I was formulating in the graphic. I found a modern twist on the traditional script style font with Jellyka Delicious Cake. Whilst it had the nuptial style I was looking for, it also contained an informal edge in keeping with my client’s relaxed approach.

With fingers crossed, I sent over a visual to Dominic and was delighted that his reaction was enthusiastic from proof one. With a few minor tweaks the logo was quickly agreed and incorporated into promotional flyers and business cards you see here.

If you would like to know more about Dominic’s take on the design process and his reaction to his new logo then please head over to his blog where you can read first hand his own impressions.

Coming soon…Design Duo | Part Two…A Brush With Elegance 🙂

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